Craft Pride Procession is an annual collaborative, open, and communal parade that celebrates art, diversity, freedom of expression and culturally-politically engaged action in the urban environment!!

What inspired our project?
Lacey Jane Roberts

2012 | The 2nd Annual CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION

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manomano, The STAG Library and Access Gallery are pleased to announce
August 24th | 6pm | Procession meets at MacLean Park; ends at Access Gallery.

Crafters and their allies will convene at MacLean Park in Strathcona for the 2nd annual Craft Pride Procession. We will parade through the neighborhoods with our crafts, costumes, banners, flags and sounds arriving at Access Gallery where this years special guests, Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue from Toronto's FAG (Feminist Art Gallery) will be installing handcrafted banners for their upcoming exhibition. As an affirmative act of celebration, we are proposing that those who feel called come together to create a procession of craft pride with a diversity of tactics. We encourage participants to bring costumes, music, knit-bombing, banners, flags, bicycle floats, giant sculptures, interventions and workshops, whatever you want to make the Procession amazing.
Join In!!
This year's Craft Pride Procession is co-presented by:
& Access Gallery -
For more info please contact Aja - or visit
and check out the essay that inspired it all -"What makes queer theory so useful to those marginalized communities that must confront the pigeonholing stereotypes that overdetermine and essentialize identities? The tactics of reclamation, reappropriation and disidentification used in queer theory and praxis give non-normative identities agency as well as question the seemingly stable systems that render them as other. These tactics acknowledge stereotypes, transpose them and then subvert them to form new models of identity."
The following day will include to exciting events;
"TOGETHER", a new work by manomano collective presented for VIVA Vancouver 2012, August 25th, 11am to 5pm on Granville st between Robson and Georgia. Invited artists include Lois Klassen, Yac Tac Collective, Soledad Munoz and Alex Achtem.
The opening of the FAG (Feminist Art Gallery) exhibit at Access Gallery.