Craft Pride Procession is an annual collaborative, open, and communal parade that celebrates art, diversity, freedom of expression and culturally-politically engaged action in the urban environment!!

What inspired our project?
Lacey Jane Roberts


CRAFT PRIDE PROCESSION was created in Vancouver, Canada, in 2011.
We came together as a small collective to share our passion for textiles, process art and craftivism. 
We were inspired by Lacey Jane Roberts, who has connected queer theory and craft in a very intelligent and creative way.
The result of this is the Procession through which we want to celebrate art, claim our space, make ourselves noticeable, reflect upon local and social issues, create and have fun.

Craft Pride Procession is an open, inclusive, democratic and collaborative project that continues to flow, be transformed and flow every year.

This year, the 2nd Annual Craft Pride Procession 2012 is presented by manomano, The STAG Library, and Access Gallery

Manomano is a young collective based in Vancouver, BC. Our interest is to develop temporary and site specific projects that invite a reflection upon art processes, community and culturally engaged action within the urban environment. 

Join In!!

You can contact us at manomanocollective @
or Aja from The STAG Library at - diademdiscos @