Craft Pride Procession is an annual collaborative, open, and communal parade that celebrates art, diversity, freedom of expression and culturally-politically engaged action in the urban environment!!

What inspired our project?
Lacey Jane Roberts

Ideas for what to make or bring to the Craft Pride Procession

If you are stuck on ideas for what to bring, don't worry too much about it, bring what you feel comfortable with , whether it is your favourite scarf or a halloween costume you made last year.
Here is a list of things you might think of bringing/making:

-Giant ball of yarn
-Sock on a pole
-Decorate your bicycle
-Hair wrap
-Zipper covers
-Decorated dolly/float
-Fabric ribbons/streamers
-Crocheted short-shorts
-Wrapping Cars in textiles
-Handmade instruments
-Quilts on a dowel
-Yarn garlands
-Prayer Flags
-Craft beer
-Non-conventional material

(please feel free to add your own ideas)